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Jacob Brandt specialises in environment, nature protection, planning and supply

Jacob Brandt has worked with environmental law for several years and handled numerous cases of great significance to clients, society and the political development within this field of expertise. 

From his employment with the Ministry of the Environment and rendering advice to particularly public clients for many years, Jacob has gained in-depth knowledge of problematic issues, also within fields other than legal, and he often acts as a strategic sounding board to clients. He primarily advises public authorities and enterprises on all aspects of supply, environmental and nature protection by way of, for example, processing building and construction projects before the authorities. This has involved some of Denmark's largest infrastructure projects as well as planning and construction law issues in connection with urban and project development. Jacob generally handles municipal and administrative law issues as an integral part of cases, and he masters the very complex regulation in a remarkable way. 

In addition, being the chairman of the sustainable development committee of the National Association for Building, a board member of the ATV Foundation for Soil and Groundwater (ATV Jord og Grundvand) as well as the chairman of the waste law network and a member of the technical council of DAKOFA - Waste and Resource Network Denmark, Jacob has a strong interdisciplinary knowledge of the issues and development of these sectors.


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  • Environment
  • Energy and Supply
  • Public Law & Administration
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"Your client base being public clients, it is pivotal to be able to understand and act in a political organisation."
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  • Chairman, Byggesocietetets bæredygtighedsudvalg
  • Board of directors (member), ATV-fonden for jord og grundvand
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Education and language

  • Right of audience, The Danish High Court
  • Admission to practice law
  • Master of Laws
  • English


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Bech-Bruun has expertise in environmental regulatory conduct cases before the district courts, the high courts and the Supreme Court, which includes safeguarding the interests of both private companies and public authorities in connection with transport projects and energy infrastructure. The practice also advises on construction law disputes in relation to environmental requirements (...) Co-head Jacob Brandt regularly advises state-owned businesses, regions and municipalities on legal issues concerning land use, as well as nature and environmental protection in connection with waste regulation and soil contamination.

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