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In a new international publication, experts from a large number of countries focus on the most recent regulatory development and the expected trends in virtual currencies. Bech-Bruun's David Moalem, Partner, and Kristoffer Probst Larsen, Associate, have written the chapter on Denmark providing a perspective on the Danish market.

Virtual currencies experience an increasingly higher degree of acceptance in the market and are also used accordingly. However, despite their wide use, an applicable global standard for the regulation of virtual currencies does not exist at the moment. 

In this most recent edition of The Virtual Currency Regulation Review, experts from all over the world provide a country-by-country account of the development of virtual currency regulation. The publication has been updated to include the most recent legislation and regulatory development in a number of markets as well as expected virtual currency trends in the various countries.

In the publication, David Moalem and Kristoffer Probst Larsen contribute their perspective on the Danish financial sector and the regulation of virtual currency.

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